Don’t worry, this is something we can help you with. If you’re considering having a new website with us, one of the first steps we’ll take is to have a ‘scope’ call with you.

This is a short conversation to ‘scope’ out your project to make sure it’s a good match for our website packages. We’ll also find out how many pages you’ll need, whether you would like content to be written for you and any other advanced features you may need.

Once we have a good understanding of your project, we can then advise you which package we think would be best. We can then make a decision together.

Yes. We build all of our websites using WordPress, because it’s the most popular CMS. It’s easy to use, scalable and future proof.

A theme is a kind of template that website developers use to build great looking and functional websites. Avada is simply a ‘brand’ of theme, but it is the most popular theme due to its great design and easy to use functionality.

To help you with design inspiration, you can choose from 67 beautiful designs and we will use your chosen design to base your new website on. However, we are more than happy to make changes to this design based on your preference.

Using a design in this way helps you to get a great looking site, without the hassle of a custom build. It will also save you lots of time having to have a creative input.

The main differences between our packages is the number of pages. Our profit booster package however is the only package that doesn’t include content.

We give you a great foundation to work from SEO wise. When your site is sent live, we will complete all of your meta data (the information that Google looks for when ranking a website and that is shown on search page results). We also set you up with Google Analytics, Search Console and submit a site map to Google so that your pages can become indexed more quickly.

If you come onboard with our Standard, Premium or Elite packages, your website content will be written by a professional writer. One copy will then be sent to you and then you’re free to make any changes that you may like.

You’re more than welcome however to create your own content if you would prefer, although there would not be a reduction in price.


Simply to make it more affordable for you to pay for your new website. We understand that in the current climate, businesses may not be able to afford a one-off fee for a website, but need to quickly improve their online presence.

That’s why we’ve created a package that splits the cost of your new website over 24 manageable months.

Absolutely not. No additional premium has been added. Our websites are priced very competitively and we are simply splitting the cost of your website over 24 months to make it more manageable for you. And we include ongoing support within that price too.

Nope. Everything you need to build your website and maintain it is included within the website package. The only additional charges you may receive is if you need any advanced development work, which would be discussed with you during the very first scope call.

Because we are splitting the cost of your website project over 24 months, you’ll be required to make payments during this time period. After this time period, you are moved onto a rolling monthly agreement at a much lower price, but we still provide you with the same ongoing support. You are able to leave this agreement with one month’s notice.

After 24 months, you get dropped onto a rolling monthly agreement at a much lower price. You still get an excellent hosting and maintenance package for this price and 30 minutes’ worth of done for you changes every single month.

Yes of course. However, you are expected to continue paying for your website during the initial 24 month period. If payments are stopped then your website may be taken down.


Our website packages aren’t going to be right for everyone. That’s why we ‘scope’ every website out first to make sure our website packages are going to be right for you and your business.

If they are then great! If not, we will be very honest with you and tell you why.

That’s why we’ve created a package that splits the cost of your new website over 24 manageable months.

Here’s a link to our “How it works” page. On this page, you’ll see the full process and the different steps we’ll take to build your site.

The ‘Scope’ call is done before you agree to a package. The ‘Discovery’ call is made after the sale.

The purpose of the scope call is to make sure our website packages are a good match for your website project. We will also ask questions to establish which website package would be best for you.

A Discovery call is where we go into detail. We find out exactly what it is that makes your business special so that we can promote it on your website. Basically, every question we need to build you a great and functional website is covered in the discovery document and we’ll use this to build your live concept.

This is what most of our clients struggle with the most. Getting your website’s design right is really important and it can be difficult to know how it should look and what to include.

To help you with design inspiration, you can choose from over 60 design templates that we can base your website on. We can then look at some sites you really like and others you don’t, to get a flavour for what type of website would make you really happy.

We will then put all of this information together to create a live design concept.

Yes, of course. This is really important. After your discovery call and after we’ve discussed what design you might like, we will go ahead and create a live concept.

This is a preview of what your site will look like before we go ahead and complete development. At this point, we can make various changes to the site until you’re happy with it. Once the site is designed, there are also two rounds of changes which is an opportunity for you to make any small tweaks until it’s perfect.

Yes of course. After seeing the live concept, you can feedback any changes that you might like until you are happy with it. Also, when the entire site is designed, you’ll get two rounds of changes to make any sort of tweaks until the site is perfect.

If there are any changes you’d like to be made once the site has been sent live, we will happily do this for you as part of your 30 minutes ‘done for you’ changes.


As long as we have your full co-operation, we promise that your website will take no longer than 100 days to complete. But this is also your promise to us, that you will help us build your new website within this timescale.

At the start of each project, we timeline all of the different milestones and ask you to agree on the timescale. Typically, this is around 50 days, but this is with lots of contingency added in. Our team can turn your website around in a matter of weeks, if we have your full co-operation.

Making changes and ongoing support

Yes of course. It’s your website after all. And we encourage you to actively use your website to promote your business, generate leads and win new clients.

It’s easy to make simple changes yourself. The Avada theme has a pretty easy editor tool called Fusion. Which allows you to edit your website while you’re looking at it. Meaning there’s no code involved.

If you do get stuck and you would like to make changes to your site, remember that you get 30 minutes worth of ‘done for you’ changes a month. So, any sort of change you would like to make to your website, just email us and we’ll get it done for you as part of your package.

Hosting and back ups

Every website needs to have hosting. Think of it as renting internet space for your website to sit in. But you won’t need to worry about this, as we include website hosting within the package for no additional charge.

We use a host called Pressable, which is a very powerful and reliable host that offers great website loading speeds, which is important for SEO.

A website back-up is basically a record of your website in its current condition. It’s important for your website to be regularly backed up, because should it ever get hacked or corrupted, you can simply restore your website’s design from the last made back-up.

Our hosting provider Pressable also provides daily back-ups. Which is great, should anything go wrong with your site, as we will be able to restore it from yesterday’s back up as quickly as possible to avoid any downtime.

Any Questions?

If you’re interested, let’s start by having a chat. Let us know when you’re free